DDD SYSTEMS & Dr. Dan Diaper.  The 1st India v. England Test – Rajcot – relive in ‘live’ doggerel and sketches (9-13th. November, 2016).


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Doggerel – 1st India v. England Test – Rajcot

(9-13th. November, 2016)




Relive the whole Test match with Dr. Dan’s doggerel and sketches produced ‘live’ during the match.




The Indian fans make a din,

The first Test’s about to begin.

Famously they cannot play spin,

So what’s the odds England can win?





At stumps on Day 1, England were 311-4 (93 overs);

Moeen Ali was 99 off 192 balls.


The first day was England’s, I opine,

Seam or spin their batting was just fine.

Moeen Ali starts on ninety nine,

And the middle order may still shine.



At Lunch on Day 2, England were 450-6 (123 overs).


Four hundred and fifty for six,

At Lunch England are in the mix.

India’s spinners and their quicks,

Need catches taken from the nicks.


Has the ball played that many tricks?

How many missed behind the sticks?

India may be in a fix,

England would lose said the sceptics!



At stumps Day 2, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 63-0 (23 overs).


Oh! Fabulous! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

With Guerilla Cricket all day.

India now enter the fray,

To keep England’s bowlers at bay.


Batsmen cannot have feet of clay,

Else wickets fall without delay.

In the first Test there’s all to play,

A game going to the fifth day.







At stumps Day 3, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 319-4 (108.3 overs).


So far Rajcot’s been a batting track,

But some of the fielding has been slack.

England need a bold bowling attack,

To entertain the insomniac.



At Lunch Day 4, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 411-6 (137 overs).


Rahane’s bails first gently tumble,

Then just one drops from Kohli’s stumble,

England may have a little grumble,

At Jonny Bairstow’s second fumble.



Saturday was soggy in Bournemouth and too dark to sketch, but here’s one of the superb debutant Haseeb Hameed playing for Lancashire in the County Championship.



At stumps Day 4,England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 488 all out (162 overs); England 114-0 (37 overs) lead by 163 runs.


Enjoyed the Test match completely,

Even if it lacked subtlety.

At one hundred and sixty three,

England lead quite comfortably.


A draw most expect it to be,

Cook declares conservatively.

There’s a day of cricket to see,

Whatever is one’s fealty.


Guerilla Cricket commentary,

Has done everyone handsomely.

Donate to them generously,

And play their games most happily.



At Lunch Day 5, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 488 all out (162 overs); England 211-2 (66 overs) lead by 260 runs.


A slow morning but one played by the book,

One more century for Alastair Cook.

It’s still ‘Good Cricket’ and well worth a look,

And an England win is not yet forsook.




After Lunch Day 5, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 488 all out (162 overs);

England declare on 260-3 (75.3 overs) leading by 309 runs.


At last Cook decides to declare,

India’s openers beware,

Essential that they bat with care,

And don’t cheaply lose the first pair.


India might bat with some flair,

And can survive the bowlers’ glare,

But Hendo has had no éclair,

Donate so G. C. don’t despair.



After Tea Day 5, England 537 all out (159.3 overs); India 488 all out (162 overs);

England declare on 260-3 (75.3 overs); India 172-6 (52.3 overs) – Draw.


England’s bowlers did their very best,

Against India in the first Test,

But they failed in their ten wicket quest.


Best commentary with jest and zest,

In Guerilla Cricket please invest,

It is in everyone’s self-interest.




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© Dr. Dan Diaper, 2016.  DDD SYSTEMS version 9.0 – updated November, 2016.