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Marvelous Mehedi - article




Scan_20161022 (3)Marvellous Mehedi Hasan Miraz – A More Mature View.

Dr. Dan Diaper


I may have started following cricket late in life, but now in my sixties and nigh a third of a century following the damn game, I have followed the whole international careers of some of the, nearly, best ever players. My preferred example is Daniel Vettori.  I first followed him because of the coincidence of our forename, which means wise in all things, so wise we can interpret the words of God; alone, only we Daniels have two books in the Old Testament. He’s only about a quarter of a century younger than me and made his international debut in 1997; by then I was already an Scan_20161029internationally recognised scientist.

What a joy it has been to see the young, just nineteen, Bangladeshi Mehedi Hasan Miraz in his first two Tests bowl against England.  I’m not sanguine I’ll live long enough to see the end of his career, which I hope for him is another score of years. His start in Test cricket has been stupendous, three times taking six wickets in an innings: for 80, 82 and 77 runs.  It can’t last.

As an old person I’d just like to caution all you youths and ask you to remember how he started his Test career.  At some time he will be “out-of-form”, in fact or as perceived in various media, mainstream and social.  He will have injuries and in a long and successful career there will be “controversies”, on and off the field; minor, media motivated storm-in-a-teacup ones, one Scan_20161029 (4)hopes. 

My wish for him, long after my decease, is that he becomes widely recognised as one of the top twenty bowlers ever.  I say “top twenty” because the list is long and cricket, conditions and so forth, change.  I would choose Sydney Francis Barnes (b. 1873, d. 1967) as the man to “bowl-for-my-life”, but I’d settle for, at his best, Glenn Donald McGrath (b. 1970) of the still living. My criterion is consistency, in life, love and, particularly, bowling.

Taking nineteen wickets in his first two Tests, one for each of his years, Mehedi has started marvellously. Maybe remember this, because not all the pitches will be good for him, everywhere, all the time; nor will other teams collapse as England did after Tea on Sunday, 30th. October, 2016.  Without controversy, Mehendi was Man-of-the-Match.

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