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Welcome to Dr. Dan Diapers DDD SYSTEMS website. The website is divided into two main sections:



DDD SYSTEMS logo. DDD SYSTEMS provides science and engineering advisory, consultancy, education and training services in Systems Analysis and Task Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), cognitive ergonomics and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Software Engineering, and in Artificial Intelligence (AI), for public and private sector organisations, including universities, and to individuals: practitioners, academics or students.


Dan_Diaper_front_200dp1 Cricket Watching Cricket on the Radio by Dr. Dan Diaper Information about the book (published, April 2015 in soft cover and e-book versions) and many other cricket related things.




Science in Poetry logo 1f Science in Poetry Various scientific subjects are introduced, with some explanation, in various forms of verse.



Task Analysis Cell Assembly Perspective paper (TACAP) research paper. Diaper, D. & Huyck, C. (2019) published on arXiv.org (Cornell University, USA).



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