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The DDD SYSTEMS website is heterarchically organised, having underneath it what in the early days of hypertext’s genesis (circa the mid-1980s) was called a ‘semantic net’ of links to different pages.


For an alternative and relatively easy means to search the website, below is a hierarchical organisation of it.  N.B. A proper hierarchy is defined as where child nodes have only a single parent node, whereas a heterarchy still has levels, but its nodes may have multiple parentage, sibling and child links.




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Science in Poetry


Watching Cricket on the Radio         

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                        India v. England 1st Test 2016 in Doggerel

India v. Australia 3rd Test 2017 in sketches and doggerel

Marvellous Mehedi

Review Writing

                        The Hover-Roller

Net Run Rate

I’m with the BPL

Don’t Change the County Cricket Championship Structure

Twitter Graphics Gallery – 4th. Ashes Test, 2015

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