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Email: ddiaper@ntlworld.com


Twitter: DrDanDiaper


Please FOLLOW @DrDanDiaper – retweet and reply to him.  New to Twitter, @DrDanDiaper will reciprocate and follow you, etc.


       All @DrDanDiaper tweets will have something or other to do with cricket.



LinkedIn:  An academic social networking site.  Dr. Diaper joined very early at the request of a colleague.  Even after recent updates, Dr. Diaper’s section is incomplete.  For a full list of his publications see his Curriculum Vitae.


ResearchGate:  A relatively new academic publications website.  Watching Cricket on the Radio is an academic publication and will be promoted on ResearchGate –

Well, they would keep sending me emails to confirm authorship of papers and to endorse the skills of people I know, and many I don’t … and you can only do these things if you join ResearchGate yourself.  I’m not sure of the morality of this.  I think it is certainly up for discussion  Dr. Dan Diaper. 

For a full list of Dr. Diaper’s publication see his Curriculum Vitae.



NOT Facebook.  Groucho Marx famously declared that he’d refuse to be a member of any club that would accept him.  Facebook requires people to use their real name, but then rejects vast numbers of real names.  ‘Diaper’ makes me a Facebook Reject, although I have a very old English surname – it means a diamond pattern, hence ‘Dr. Dan <>’ – and my father’s family settled in Southampton half a millennium or more ago.  I will not lie and I will not be ‘Dr. Dan Draper’.  Unlike Marx, G., I’d only join clubs who believed that they were privileged to have me, no matter how misguided such belief may be.




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