DDD SYSTEMS & Dr. Dan Diaper.An introduction to Dr. Diaperís scientific and research engineering work and to his organisation, DDD SYSTEMS, and the services it provides.




DDD SYSTEMS & Dr. Dan Diaper




DDD SYSTEMS is Dr. Dan Diaper.


Previously Professor of Systems Science and Engineering, and the Head of the Department of Computing, at Bournemouth University, Dr. Diaper has had a wide range of research interests which integrate various areas of psychology with many areas of computing.Dr. Diaper continues to undertake and, occasionally, publish his own research.Full details, including all his publications, are in his academic Curriculum Vitae.


Dr. Diaper is passionately interested in general systems of all sorts, although for professional reasons he has concentrated on systems that involve both people, individually and collectively working together, and computer systems of many types, from mobile devices to PCs, mainframes, and to ones that involve Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Now retired as a full time academic, Dr. Diaper is always willing to provide advice and assistance to academic and commercial researchers and students.On a more formal basis, DDD SYSTEMS provides the opportunity for organisations to access and exploit Dr. Diaperís expertise for either research or consultancy purposes.For interesting and deserving work, fees are minimal and open to negotiation.


Dr. Diaper has previously supplied practitioner training to industry and has taught many subjects on university computing and psychology degree programmes.DDD SYSTEMS offers education and training opportunities that can be customised to fit the needs of organisations or individuals.




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