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Older Doggerel from Dr. Dan





20th. January, 2016.




16th. January, 2016.




15th. January, 2016.


One of my text Tweets to Guerilla Cricket was read out as if it were poetical, but it was just my natural prosody (rhythm of speech).So as an additional challenge I sent my doggerel within Tweets, i.e. so that doggerel plus text plus addressing were all within the 140 character Twitter limit.


Oh Dear! Poor Hales,

Again he fails.

Compton and Cook,

Play by 'The Book'!


Doggerel for @guerillacricket #SAvENG #SAvsENG #cricket


Doggerel update @guerillacricket

Hales and Cook out!

An England rout?

Both were poor shots,

They trail by lots.

#SAvENG #SAvsENG #cricket


In-Tweet doggerel @guerillacricket

Hales, Cook and Compton,

All out, every one.

Seven-four for three,

Next out, who is he?



14th. January, 2016.





2nd. January, 2016.




3rd. January, 2016.



6th. January, 2016.



31st. January, 2016.




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