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Cricket Verse




Mostly sent by Twitter to the internet cricket commentary service Guerilla Cricket, the start-up on this webpage was a bit chaotic.


Cricket Ball 2a Master of limericks, above Messy Jez covers the Guerilla Cricket advertising. Indeed, this part of the DDD SYSTEMS website is all his fault.  It was in response to one of his limericks in the autumn of 2015 that Dr. Dan’s Doggerel started to be written.


Cricket Ball 2a What is offered below is not Poetry (with a capital ‘P’ for ‘Proper’, ‘Profound’ or, if you are of the plebeian persuasion and just want a bit of fun, ‘Pretentious’).



Cricket Ball 2a Anyone is welcome to submit for publication on this website. It must be about cricket, be your own work and not violate copyright and other legal stuff.


As Twitter is a form of social media, then submission by Twitter is fine (you need to include @DrDanDiaper in the Tweet). Verses can be attached as a graphic (.jpeg is preferred but most formats can be coped with).

Hint: Use a large font (e.g. at least 16pt) within graphics so as to make them readable on small screen mobile phones.


For people wanting editorial feedback before publication, then submissions can be made by Tweet DM or email ddiaper@ntlworld.com



Cricket Ball 2a The organisation of the cricket verse pages is chronological (newest first), but by cricket matches (i.e. for red ball cricket matches day 1 is presented first, then day 2, etc.) and within days (i.e. in the order of their posting during a day’s play).  The purpose of this is to allow readers to relive a cricket match in verse.



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N.B. Older verse, Dr. Dan’s Doggerel and Messy Jez’s Limericks, can be accessed at the end of the main Cricket Verse pages.


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