DDD SYSTEMS & Dr. Dan Diaper.  Watching Cricket on the Radio – Signed Copies Bonus Bundle – includes new Brighter Bowlers’ Boots chapter and other goodies. Direct from author or via E-bay.


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Signed Copies Bonus Bundle




   Watching Cricket on the Radio – Direct from the author

– Signed copy with your own personal message

– Never before seen Bonus Chapter – Brighter Bowlers’ Boots

– Letter with recent observations from the author, bookmarks and other stuff …

– Includes charitable donation


Bargain £12.00 (including post & package – £15.00 airmail)






  £1.00 from every order will be donated to Guerilla Cricket.com to support their alternative internet radio commentary work.


How to Order


  Directly from the author – Contact the author my email, post or Twitter (use DM if Following) [ CONTACT ]


Information Required: Name, postal address, message for author to write in the book above his signature (max. about 12 words).

Payment Methods: PayPal, or if contacting by post, cheque, cash, etc.


  Order via E-Bay – Go to: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watching-Cricket-on-the-Radio-by-Dr-Dan-Diaper-Signed-Copies-Bonus-Chapter-/272051320683?hash=item3f5785b76b:g:rpUAAOSweuxWTriV


Orders should be filled within one working day.  Stocks are limited (the copies available are undistributed media review ones and are unlikely to be replaced).



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