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A funnily serious book for intelligent cricket lovers.  In 27 chapters Watching Cricket on the Radio challenges orthodoxy and stimulates sensible thinking about “the great game”.  Satire and science, and idle thoughts in intervals, sparks cricket devotee Dr. Dan’s speculations:


*   Red or white ball, why follow cricket at all?

*   Anyway, what is ‘Good Cricket’? 

*   Could cricket coverage be improved?

*   Why prefer radio to television commentary?

*   Current and future technologies, for better or worse?

*   Heuristics galore, how better to judge a match? 

*   Better than a hat trick, what do you call it? 

*   What of cricketing chimpanzees or a cloned cricketer?


Join the English gentleman and X-Professor of Systems Science and Engineering’s enjoyment of all cricket.  Relive with him a hilarious commentary at Lord’s and other matches he watched on the radio.


“Dr. Dan’s Diaries – worth a million there.” – Tweet read out on BBC local radio, Middlesex v. Durham at Lord’s, 10th. September, 2014, and not from the author.


  Enlarge front cover

Front cover photograph: Batting in the Mind’s Eye. Un-retouched photograph taken from the television, England v. India, August, 2011. © Dr. Dan Diaper, 2015.


  Table of Contents – A list of the chapter titles.


   Signed Copy Bonus Bundle – Available directly from the author: personalized message, bonus chapter, letter, bookmarks and other stuff.


   Price and Availability – Further details.


  Guerilla Cricket Interview – Dr. Dan <> talking about ‘Watching Cricket on the Radio’ (16th. July, 2015).



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