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GOOGLE: “Dan Diaper”





            Which is why it takes Dr. Diaper so long to update his web site.


Circa 2008, my mate Colston Sanger and I were discussing, in the context of the next ‘Research Assessment Exercise’ that U.K. universities would be subjected to, how to simply measure how “famous” were academic and practitioner colleagues.  Our ‘Google Test of Fame’ involves simply inserting a person’s name in double quotes (these are very important, particularly if your name is meaningful, like Diaper) in the Google (or other) search engine and, first of all, counting the total number of  “hits”.  Then you look at the first few pages and calculate the percentage that refers to your target person.  Then we have the ‘Penetration Fame Test’, which involves looking at hits around 300, or a 1,000, deep and again measuring the percentage that still refers to the target person.  We also think you should get some bonus points if hits are in a foreign language, the ‘International Fame Test’. 


If you want to know more about Dr. Dan Diaper, then just enter into Google: “Dan Diaper” (the double quotes are important) and you will get thousands of hits, nearly all of them to him, and not all of them in English.


One thing that you will discover if you Google him, is that Dr. Diaper is one of the world experts on task analysis.  Task analysis is only one area of Dr. Diaper’s expertise, however, and this website’s Research Interests page lists all of the areas in which he has published science and engineering work. 


Another way to gauge Dr. Diaper’s range of expertise is to just skim through the titles of all his publications listed in his curriculum vitae. 

N.B.  Anyone who can’t obtain copies of any of Dr. Diaper’s publications is welcome to contact him and he will do his best to provide copies, subject to copyright restrictions and his available time.



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