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Cricket Writings





Below are documents that are in some way about cricket.


  Marvellous Mehedi – Article celebrating the 19 year old’s first two Tests (November, 2016).


Cricket Ball 2a   Review Writing – Some general advice for those planning to write a review. (May, 2015)


Cricket Ball 2a  The Hover-Roller – An article that starts with a slip of the tongue and ends with an idea for a new, practical, additional use for wicket hover-covers. (May, 2015)


Cricket Ball 2a   I’m with the BPL – An article promoting the Bangladesh Premier League as “Good Cricket”. (3rd. December, 2015)


Cricket Ball 2a   Net Run RateICC World T20 – logical analysis of final points tables and proof that NNR is more important in the Super 10 than Qualifier stage.



Cricket Ball 2a  Don’t Change the County Cricket Championship Structure  – An introduction to how people might help preserve the current structure of the County Championship. (June, 2015)




  A collection of old Cricket Verse – mostly sent to Guerilla Cricket via Twitter – includes Dr. Dan’s Doggerel and Limericks from messy Jez and others.




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